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Role Play Rulez! PLEASE READ!

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Role Play Rulez! PLEASE READ!

Post by Ryan on Sun Jun 15, 2008 3:42 pm

Here are some rulez.

) No graphic violence. Nothing gross, scary, disgusting, or innapropriate.

2) No fighting against members - respect members in RP's at all time.

3) No Romantic Contact

4) Keep it G - PG. Appropriate language. Body functions is not allowed. There are children under 10 on this site, so please Keep it no more than PG.

5) NOT A CHAT AREA. If you HAVE to say something to someone, use '()', parentheses. Even better, PM the member.


7) Roleplays must be approved to start the story on the thread.

8 ) Only LEGAL Artwork

9) When your character is speaking, you must use quotes. When you are speaking out of character, you need to use '()' as in (What did I miss?) This is common in role-plays. You may be banned from the roleplay if you are chatting away, or spamming.

12) Please use your best grammar, spelling, and puncuation.

13) Powerplaying and godmoding are big NO NO's. Powerplaying means you are controlling the movements, thoughts, or actions of the character around you.



Role Plays can be really fun. There are times where you just post the same action happening over and over again. Before you know it, there's a few pages of you and other members talking about the same thing, or doing the same thing. It makes it harder for others to catch up. Sometimes,you can leave them behind in things that could really involve their character.

Roleplay Definitions:
Out of Character: When you use OOC, that is not roleplaying. You have to use parentheses '()' to show that you are not roleplaying.
Wait, I have a question for _____
((This is ooc! Use Parentheses around it!))

Elite: The highest level of roleplaying. You must be accepted.

Power Playing: Controlling someone else's character. That is speaking for other characters,

Godmoding: Making your character unbeatable, never tires, ect.

Thanks! Ryan

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